Guest Guidelines

Welcome to Jimmie Austin OU Golf Club. We want to provide every guest, whether with a member or not with a member, an exceptional experience. You have a lot of entertainment options, we want to provide a "GOLF CLUB" experience, it is a unique feeling to be truly welcomed and relaxed in a beautiful setting. Great golf experiences are not meant to be hurried as it is a valuable time that you get to spend with family and friends, make a day of it and enjoy (actual round does need to played at a pace acceptable to all). Our policies are to help you and all our guests, each with a unique expectation, have a great and unique experience. 

Want a Forecaddie to personally assist you with your round (course advice, rake bunkers, fix ball marks, fill divots, and spot golf balls)? Please let us know when booking your tee time. Only $10 additional green fee plus tip! 

Course Etiquette

Golf is most enjoyable when you feel like no one else is on the course, it is like you own the course. While that may prove difficult, we do provide 20 minute spacing for you (10 in front and 10 behind). The recommended time to complete the round is 4 hours and 10 minutes (13.33 average per hole, 5 at the Heatly House and 5 at the turn). This is not a requirement but if a group is playing faster than you, please let them play through so that all players can have a great experience. If you feel you would like a forecaddie to accompany your group to assist with the "work" portion of your round please let us know in advance. The Golf Professional staff will monitor pace of play visually and by GPS.

Forecaddie Fee is $10 additional green fee and a recommended $10 cash tip per person.

Golf Car Traffic 

Golf cars can do a lot of damage to the course and cause injuries so therefore please treat the car and the course as your own. The GPS on the golf cars will control where you drive and how fast you drive. If your golf car quits, it is because you drove into a restricted area and you will need to reverse out of that area. Restricted areas include greens, tees, and natural environments. Near water hazards and in the parking lot your golf car will be slowed for safety reasons. Also, please respect golf car signage and use the 90 degree from path rule when driving into fairways. 

Proper golf attire for course, practice facilities, and clubhouse

Clubhouse and Practice Facilities: This is area that common sense applies, we want to grow the game by being very welcoming to everyone interested in it. Also, understanding todays leisure and athletic wear worn by most and now sold by most golf apparel companies do not meet the "golf standard" for dress. We are relaxing the atmosphere on our practice facilities so that everyone feels welcome, you can come from the gym if you like but please understand there is a very diverse group using the practice facilities including children, the casual golfer, and the very serious golfer, even some tour and future tour players. Be mindful and respect those around with your behavior and your dress.

Golf Course:
      Men - Shirts with collars or mock necks and sleeves. Shorts should be of Bermuda style (no athletic, denim or swimwear) and any full length bottom should be a slack (no sweatpants, no denim, or other athletic type pant). Denim may be worn between Thanksgiving and Easter 

                             Women - Dresses, skirts, slacks, mid-length shorts, leggings, and blouses are considered appropriate attire. If worn on the LPGA tour it is permissible. Halter tops, tee shirts, cut-offs, sweat pants, warm-up suits, blue jeans, swim wear, are not permitted.

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