• Clubhouse Grill & Patio
    • The Clubhouse Breakfast 

      It has been said that it is the best breakfast in town, Clubhouse Scramble is the most popular, enjoy with Nathan's freshly made salsa.  

      Everything under $7

      The best patio seating in Norman.  

      The Clubhouse Lunch

      Lots to choose from on the Clubhouse Lunch menu, the burger is fabulous but so are the quesadillas and everything else for that matter.

      • Lunch specials
      • Best covered patio in Norman
      • Open to the public
      • Easy parking
      • Great university atmosphere, the whose who of OU

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  • Heatly House
    • The Heatly House is a new addition to our amenities here at the OU Golf Club. The Heatly House is named for Danny and Dana Heatly who generously supported our efforts to improve our facilities.

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