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Welcome to Jimmie Austin OU Golf Club. We want to provide every person, whether a member, guest of member, university associate, or our club guest, an exceptional experience. You have a lot of entertainment options, we want to provide a "GOLF CLUB" experience, it is a unique feeling to be truly welcomed and relaxed in a beautiful setting. Great golf experiences are not meant to be hurried as it is a valuable time that you get to spend with family and friends, make a day of it and enjoy (actual round does need to played at a pace acceptable to all). Our policies are to help you and all our guests, each with a unique expectation, have a great and unique experience. Want a Forecaddie to personally assist you with your round (course advice, rake bunkers, fix ball marks, fill divots, and spot golf balls)? Please let us know when booking your tee time. Only $10 additional green fee plus tip! 

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    • Jimmie Austin OU Golf Club

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    • Our LOGO, designed and developed to bring awareness to the great native Bur Oak Trees located throughout the course but specifically the great ones located along Bishop Creek to the south of the property. One such tree was first listed recorded with the Oklahoma State Forestry in 1991 as the Champion Bur Oak for the state. In the The Great Trees of Oklahoma, 2000 edition it is measured with a circumference of 226 inches (nearly 19 feet), 79 feet tall, and crown spread of 125 feet - it is a great tree. This tree is located on the right side of the 7th fairway approximately 75 yards short of the green. We can only imagine what the size is now 17 years later. While there is no way to know exactly the age of the tree, Kevin Keys with the Forestry Service said Bur Oaks can live to be 500 years old but would only commit to saying that this tree was certainly a very sizable tree when the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. It is most certainly more than 300 years old.

      There are also stories that a vigilante group in the early 1900's broke a prisoner out of the local jail house and hanged him from either this same tree or one of the other large Bur Oaks nearby. 

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