Coaching & Instruction

  • Michael A. Cawley Center

    • A state of the art building and equipment providing golf instruction, club fitting and entertainment. It provides another social center to our members and guests. 

  • Custom Club Fitting
    • Foresight 

      The Sooner Golf Academy at the Jimmie Austin OU Golf Club employs the use of the Foresight launch monitor system that uses the same 3D Doppler tracking radar technology to provide accurate distances, club speed and ball speed to the amateur golfer with the same data that pros depend on to hone their skills.

       PXG Parsons Extreme Golf

      Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) was founded in September of 2014 by well-known businessman, philanthropist and golf nut Bob Parsons. PXG was born out of Parsons’ desire to make the world’s best golf equipment.  Looking to be custom fitted, The Jimmie is your hub for PXG custom fitting experience.  Contact our Head Professional Tyler for more information on how to schedule your fitting!

      The Taylor Made Select Fit System

      Featuring this years Hottest Taylormade Equipment.

      The TaylorMade SelectFit System allows us to quickly and easily experiment with different shafts and head combinations without sacrificing feel or performance of the golf club.

      The TaylorMade SelectFit System cart utilizes multiple driver heads of various lofts and models. Along with the heads the cart offers more than a dozen driver shafts of varying lengths, flexes and kickpoints.

      The Ping Fitting Cart & System

      The cart was designed to equip golf retailers a functional cart, providing all the tools for custom fitting.

      The cart is also required to function both indoors and outdoors and provide security for the high end products it displays.

      It not only performs well, but is extremely durable.

      The Titleist Sure Fit Golf Bag

      Is all about confidence, in your game and your equipment. That's why Titleist designs the highest performing equipment and offers the most precise club fitting experience in the game.

      Titleist's approach to fitting begins with a unique understanding of players' performance needs born from working with PGA Tour players, PGA Professionals and amateurs serious about getting better.

      Our highly skilled team of fitters utilizes the most advanced tools to help players optimize driver performance, make iron play more precise, dial in their wedges and fine-tune set compositions.

      If you would like to receive more information about golf lessons and other instructional programs at Jimmie Austin Golf Club, please contact one of our Golf Professionals at 405.325.6716.

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